Design >> Build >> Validate == Competencies

The Purpose

DBV-Capstone is a cloud-based competency assurance platform. DBV-C provides the tools to dynamically and effectively manage continuous change in curriculum design, training delivery and competency management.

Design the competencies you want to see in your workforce. Share your competency designs with stakeholders, and continually update your training objectives.

Build the competencies that you have designed through dynamic and evolving delivery programs; programs informed by your designs.

Validate your workforce. Provide continual feedback on the delta between design and achievement.

Staff Designing

DBV-Capstone is designed to ensure your training is adaptive to your needs, and effective. Asking staff to do the job without proper training is a lot like using the wrong tool for the job.

The Architecture

Roles - People in your workforce fulfill a variety of Roles, and competency in roles is essential.

Performance Tasks - Tasks are performance expectations for members of your workforce in specific roles.

Qualification Standards - A higher-level curriculum design tool for Performance Objectives and associated standards.

Training Plans - DBV-Capstone helps you manage competencies that you want to achieve, using Performance Objectives and Enabling Objectives.

Competency Ladders - knowledge and skills build upon other knowledge and skills - DBV-Capstone helps you build competency ladders between Enabling Objectives.

Delivery and Validation Programs - DBV-Capstone helps you lay out your training schedule while respecting the competency ladders and prerequisites. Dynamically audit the coverage your delivery and validation project has for all elements of your Training Plan

Valexes - a validation exercise is a task in the Delivery and Validation Program that links back to the Performance Objectives and Enabling Objectives in your Training Plan. Ensure everything is being validated!

Smart Planning and Audits - baked into DBV-Capstone are checks that alert the training designer of improper design. For example, a Valex of a high-level function cannot come before the valex of its foundational design requirements. Audit reports such as "Enabling Objectives per Performance Task" help ensure complete coverage of your competency requirements. Audit trails recording design changes assist in managing versions.

Correct Training gives your workforce the right tools for the job